The focus of the programme shall be on actual, demonstrable performance in terms of sustained loss reduction. Establishment of reliable and automated systems for sustained collection of accurate base line data and the adoption of Information Technology in the areas of energy accounting will be essential before taking up the regular distribution strengthening projects.

Programme Coverage:

This scheme proposes to cover urban areas – towns and cities with population of more than 30,000 (10,000 in case of special category states line Sikkim, etc.). In our state, two areas in Gangtok designated as Gangtok& Upper Tadong have qualified for this scheme.

Proposed Scheme:

Projects under the scheme will be taken up in two distinct parts; PART-A & PART-B. Part-A shall include the projects for establishment of baseline data and IT applications for energy accounting/auditing & IT based consumer service centres. Part-B shall include regular distribution strengthening projects. The activities to be covered under each part are as follows:

Part – A:

Preparation of Base-line data for the project area covering Consumer Indexing, GIS Mapping, Metering of Distribution Transformers and Feeders, and Automatic Data Logging for all Distribution Transformers and Feeders. It would include Asset mapping of the entire distribution network at and below the 11kV transformers and include the Distribution Transformers and Feeders, Low Tension lines, poles and other distribution network equipment. It will also include adoption of IT applications for meter reading, billing & collection; energy accounting & auditing; MIS; redressal of consumer grievances; establishment of IT enabled consumer service centres etc. The base line data and required system shall be verified by an independent agency appointed by the Ministry of Power, which in case of Sikkim is National Productivity Council of India, Govt. of India.

Part – B:

Renovation, modernization and strengthening of 11 kV level sub-stationsi/c augmentation of 66/11 KV sub-stations, Transformers/Transformer Centers, re-conductoring of lines at 11kV level and below, Load Bifurcation, feeder separation, Load Balancing, HVDS (11kV), Aerial Bunched Conductoring in dense areas, replacement of electromagnetic energy meters with tamper proof electronics meters, installation of capacitor banks, etc.

Eligibility Criteria for R-APDRP assistance

The States / Utilities will be required to:

  1. Constitute the State Electricity Regulatory Commission.
  2. Achieve the following target of AT&C loss reduction at utility level:
    1. a) Utilities having AT&C loss above 30%: Reduction by 3% per year.
    2. b) Utilities having AT&C loss below 30%: Reduction by 1.5% per year.
  3. Commit a time frame for introduction of measures for better accountability at all levels in the project area.
  4. Submit previous year’s AT&C loss figures of identified project area as verified by an independent agency appointed by Ministry of Power(MoP). The independent agency would verify that:
    1. All input points are identified and metered with downloadable meters for energy inflow accounting in scheme area.
    2. All outgoing feeders are to be metered in substation with downloadable meters.
    3. Scheme area should be ring fenced i.e. export and import meters for energy accounting shall be ensured besides segregating the rural load of the scheme area by ring fencing if not on separate feeder.
    4. The above shall provide the input energy and corresponding cash collected for calculating AT&C losses. The same shall be carried out at least for three billing cycles and got verified by the independent agency.

      This loss level will be the baseline for considering conversion of loan into grant for Part B projects.

  5. Devise a suitable incentive scheme for staff linking to achievements of 15% AT&C loss in the project area.

N.B. In case of Sikkim, all of the above conditionalities have been met.

Funding Mechanism

  1. GoI will provide 100% Loan for part A of the R-APDRP schemes which shall include projects for establishing Base Line data and IT applications for energy accounting/ auditing and IT based consumer services etc.
  2. GoI will provide up to 25% (90% for special category States) Loan for Part B of the R-APDRP schemes which shall include regular distribution strengthening projects.
  3. The entire loan from GoI will be routed through PFC/REC (FIs) for the respective schemes funded by them.
  4. The counterpart funding will be done by PFC/REC (FIs) as per its prevailing policy.
  5. PFC / REC will be the prime lender for funding these schemes. In case of default by the utility the commercial loan of PFC / REC will be recovered first (being the primary Lender) before that of any other lender for funding such schemes.

Conversion of GoI Loan to Grant:

    1. The entire amount of GoI loan (100%) for part A of the project shall be converted into grant after establishment of the required Base-Line data system within a stipulated time frame and duly verified by TPIEA.
    2. Up to 50% (90% for special category States like Sikkim) loan for Part-B projects shall be converted into grant in five equal tranches on achieving 15% AT&C loss in the project area duly verified by TPIEA on a sustainable basis for a period of five years.
    3. If the utility fails to achieve or sustain the 15% AT&C loss target in a particular year, that year’s tranche of conversion of loan to grant will be reduced in proportion to the shortfall in achieving 15% AT&C loss target from the starting AT&C loss figure.

Progress so far

PART-A: Preparation of Base-line data for the project area has been completed and the same has been duly verified by a Third Party Independent Evaluating Agency(TPIEA) appointed by the Ministry of Power, which in case of Sikkim is National Productivity Council of India, Govt. of India.

Metering of 11 KV and 66 KV feeders in the project areas has been completed and installation of system meters in all the Distribution Transformers within the project area is also complete. However, new DTs which have been installed after January 2013 are yet to be metered and will be taken care of in the second phase.

Apart from system metering works, all other activities under PART-A is being handled by Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Kolkata, which has been designated the Information Technology Implementing Authority (ITIA) as per guidelines of Govt. of India.

Activities like Consumer Indexing, GIS Mapping has already been completed. Asset mapping of the entire distribution network up to 11kV level including the Distribution Transformers and Feeders, Low Tension lines, poles and other distribution network equipment have been completed in its entirety. New additions to the network as a result of subsequent work will now need to be mapped. This is called delta change and will have to be undertaken by the department. This is outside the scope of R-APDRP work.

A full-fledged IT enabled Customer Service Centre(CCC) has been completed at Diesel Power House Complex. Go-Live of GIS, SAP MBC (Metering Billing Collection) and SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) modules have already been achieved. Integration of both the towns, Upper Tadong & Gangtok with DC/DR has been achieved and Go-Live has been declared for both these towns as on November 2013. Many technical issues that are coming up in the post Go-Live phase are being addressed on a continual basis. Issue of Delta Changes post Go-Live is pending but is being addressed. Online payment of electricity bills is also scheduled to be introduced shortly.

Data Centre(DC) and Disaster Recovery Centre(DR) for Sikkim is at Kolkata and Berhampur, West Bengal in conjunction with WBSEDCL. Connectivity between DC/DR/CCC/Remote sites/Offices is through a dedicated 4 mbps MPLS link which have been providedby BSNL.

Post Go-Live TPIEA inspection, both for IT and AT&C, have not been done yet but is expected soon.

PART-B: Work orders and commencement orders for two towns, Gangtok & Upper Tadong have been issued during the month of September 2012 after completion of tender formalities. Implementation has started in both the towns and the same is expected to be complete by March 2015. As on date, about 85% of the work has been completed.

Final completion for PART-B work is expected within August 2015 and PFC Ltd., Govt. of India has been intimated accordingly.


(Updated as on 21/05/2015)

Sl.No.Particulars11th Five Year PlanRemarks
1Value of projects sanctionedOriginal sanction: `26.30 crore Revised sanction(final):`11.63 croreThis covers setting up of IT infrastructure in Gangtok, D.T. & Feeder metering, GIS mapping of assets in Gangtok& Upper Tadong, Consumer Indexing, setting up of Customer Care Centre (CCC) in Gangtok, part expenditure on account of setting up of Data Centre and Data Recovery Centre in Kolkata and Berhampore(W.B.).
2Amount released
a)Loan (30/03/2010)`7.89 crore (1sttranche) + `2.58 crore(2nd tranche)This will be converted to 100% grant by default upon successful completion of PART-A project.
Total= `10.47 crore90% project cost against the revised sanction cost of `11.63 crore has been released so far. Balance will be released after TPIEA inspection and validation.
1No. of projects sanctioned2Gangtok & Upper Tadong
2Value of projects sanctioned`68.46 crore
3No. of project completedNoneBoth are under progress.
4Value of project completedNot applicableAs above
5AT&C Loss (%)Gangtok – 59.12%; Upper Tadong – 46.17%Both are baseline figures
6Feeder Metering (%)100%
7D.T.Metering (%)100%
8Amount released(31/03/2011)30% of the total sanctioned amount
a)Loan` 20.54 croreInitially, entire amount is Loan. 90% of the approved sanctioned cost will be converted to grant subject to attainment of 15% AT&C loss in the project area i.e. Gangtok & Upper Tadong.

Summarized financial statement of PART-B R-APDRP project (post tender)

(All amounts in Rs.Lakh)

1Project cost sanctioned by Govt. of India4419.002427.006846.00
2Loan component from GOI (90%)3977.002184.306161.30
3Project cost post tender4808.692651.507460.19
4Consultancy Charges79.4443.63123.07
FINAL PROJECT COST4888.132695.137583.26
Of which state share(3-2+4)911.13510.831421.96