As per the Office memorandum No. 44/19/2004/DE(RE) Government of India, Ministry of Power, Shram Shakti Bhawan, Rafi Marg, New Delhi 110011 dated 18.3.2005 Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana - Scheme of Rural Electricity Infrastructure and Household Electrification was implemented in the State of Sikkim vide letter of award issued on 28.2.2009 to the 8 (eight) packages Turnkey Contractors, Lachung & Lachen separately because of being “Zumsa System” a local autonomous administration tradition and Mangan and surrounding in the North District, South district package – I & II, East district package “Consolidated” and West district package I & II.

The scope of work in the package I consists of erection and commissioning of 11/11 KV Switching Sub - Station, drawing of 11 KV transmission line emanating from these switching sub - stations, installation and commissioning of 25 KVA, 10 KVA outdoor pole mounted distribution transformers, the scope of work in package-II consists of drawing of L.T. Distribution lines and single phase, 2- phase and 3- phase categories.

The work for providing Free Power Service connection to the category of BPL households are being taken up by utilizing manpower available in the Department i.e Energy & Power Department, Govt. of Sikkim and procuring the materials from the departmental authorized/bonafide Suppliers and which has got the State Government approval.

The ‘Yozana' is being taken up for the attainment of National Common Minimum Programme (NCMP), goal of providing access to electricity to all Rural Households in five years. The scheme is being implemented through the Rural Electrification Corporation (REC). 90% capital subsidy is provided for overall cost of the project under the scheme. One of the important criterias is to make adequate arrangements for supply of electricity and there should not be any discrimination in the hours of power supply between rural and urban households

The conditionalities for eligibility for capital subsidy under the schemes are that the prior commitment of the State was obtained before the sanction of the project for deployment of Franchisees for the management of Rural Distribution in project financed under the scheme and the provision of requisite revenue subsidy to the State Utilities i.e. Energy & Power Department, Govt. of Sikkim as required under the Electricity Act 2003. The scope of the scheme has been financed with capital subsidy for provision of Rural Electricity Distribution Backbone (REDB) i.e. provision of 66/11 KV sub-stations of adequate capacity and lines in blocks where these do not exist. Creation of Village Electrification Infrastructure (VEI) i.e. electrification of un-electrified villages, electrification of un-electrified habitations and provision of distribution transformers of appropriate capacity in electrified villages/habitations. Decentralized Distribution Generation (DDG) and Supply i.e. Decentralized Generation cum Distribution from conventional sources for villages where grid connection is either not feasible or not cost effective provided it is not covered under the programme of Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources for electricity from non- conventional energy sources under the remote village electrification programme.

REDB, VEI and DDG would also cater to the requirement of agriculture and other activities including Irrigation pump sets, small and medium industries, khadi and village industries; cold chains; healthcare and education and IT.

The electrification of un-electrified households below poverty line category are financed with 100% capital subsidy as per the norms of Kutir Jyoti Programme.

In respect of Sikkim State four 11/11 KV switching sub-stations have been installed in East District out of which two stations namely Sichey 11/11 KV substation and 6th Mile 11/11 KV Substation have been charged and the other two stations namely Rumtek sub station and Sang Sub station will be charged shortly.

Out of the 25 nos. of un-electrified virgin villages that have been electrified in the State, the east district has nil un-electrified virgin villages. Details are as follows:-

District Target Achieved as on 31.08.2013
East 0 0
West 8 8
North 8 8
South 9 9
Total 25 25

BPL households district wise have been given free power supply under this scheme and the progress are as follows:-

District Target Achieved as on 31.08.2013
East 4672 4672
West 2977 2977
North 747 747
South 3062 3050
Total 11458 11446

The State Government has received 90% of the fund from the capital subsidy provision and for receipt of 10% balance fund, the franchisee deployment activities and closure report as per the guidelines of REC Ltd. are to be submitted, the original cost of the RGGVY scheme is Rs. 148.91 cr. And the amount of Revised Cost Estimate (Quantity Variation) is Rs. 38 Cr and the required fund has already been received.

The periodic auditing has been completed from the Office of the Principal Accountant General, Sikkim State. The scheme will be completed in all respect on or before 30.09.2013.

As per the guidelines of the REC Ltd. and the Ministry of Power Govt. of India the scheme is monitored by National Quality Monitor in the State of Sikkim M/s Shanthala Power Ltd, Karnataka is being engaged in the State of Sikkim , Consultancy Engineering Services Ltd. based in Kolkata is engaged by the REC Ltd. As REC Quality Monitoring Agency and Third Party Inspection Agency M/s Biecco Lawrie Ltd, a Govt. of India undertaking has been deployed. M/s Meccon Ltd. a Govt. of India undertaking has been engaged for formulating, evaluating and consultancy works.

As per the guidelines of the Ministry of Power, Govt. of India and REC Ltd., District level Monitoring Committee and State Level Monitoring Committee have been formed vide Sikkim Government Gazette Notification No. 338 dated 30th October, 2006

The financial status as of now is as follows

Original Cost:

Cap. Subsidy Loan Total
Total fund received from REC 13313.627 1481.403 14814.030
Expenditure till date 12796.131
Balance 517.180

Revised Cost Estimate (Quantity Variation):

Cap. Subsidy Loan Total
Total fund received from REC 15559.009 1730.139 17289.148
Expenditure till date 12796.131
Balance 4301.244

(D.P. Deokota)

Chief Engineer Cum Nodal Officer (RGGVY)